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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Narrowing Inconvenient Speech

The top elected official in Newtown has called on Florida Atlantic University to fire communication professor James Tracy over his assertions that last month's Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre of 20 children and six adults may not have happened.

In an emailed comment, Newtown First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra called Tracy an 'embarrassment' to FAU and all educators for espousing what she called 'his outlandish conspiracy theories.'
'Shame on you, too, FAU, to even have someone like this on your payroll,'wrote Llodra, a former teacher. 'I can assure you, sadly, that the events here in Newtown unfolded exactly as are being reported, with the horrible outcome of the violent death of 26 innocent people, including 20 children.'

In several posts on his memoryholeblog.com, Tracy, 47, suggests the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary may have been an event staged with hired actors and orchestrated by the Obama administration to promote gun control.

 This is an interesting hypothesis, but not as interesting as the actual hypothesis that the Professor proposed. The news account quoted above is from Connecticut. A more complete reporting (from Florida) is quoted below:

In the national media today, James Tracy is the nutty professor. The whacko professor. The one-man argument for abolishing tenure.

A communications professor at Florida Atlantic University, Tracy is reaping the whirlwind for a blog post and a Sun Sentinel interview in which he questioned the official explanation of the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

He's not sure it didn't happen -- 'One is left with the impression that a real tragedy took place,' he told the Sentinel's Mike Clary -- but he suggests the story of the mass murder may have been manipulated by the government, pulling the strings of complaisant news media, to turn it into a simple and digestible argument for gun control.

And if so, Tracy continues, Newtown could join the Kennedy assassination, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing and even the recent Aurora theater killings as incidents-turned-to-myths for social control.  

The only common denominator between the two accounts is the outrage of various government tools who think that the good Professor should be silenced by depriving him of employment.

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