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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gun Control Is Infanticide

A new .40 Baby with 22-round magazine:


s-p said...

Nice! A .40SW is on my short list to own someday.

ochlophobist said...


For knock down power at home I use a .357 with a 7 round wheel. But I think my next handgun will be one of these:


I like the 19+1 and I read an article a while back stating that the penetration of Federal Hydroshock 9mm is virtually identical to their .40.

Visibilium said...

s-p, a worthy goal. Any thoughts about brands/models?

Och, I'd be careful about penetration. It isn't the same as stopping power. Moreover, you're responsible for every round that exits your home's burglar, penetrates a couple of walls, and accidentally kills your neighbor's sleeping baby.

For a level-headed approach to ammo selection: http://www.chuckhawks.com/ammo_by_anonymous.htm

Keep in mind that adequate stopping power in 9mm is very ammo-specific. Choosing a 9mm over .40 or .45 could rest on factors like lower recoil (in case the wife or kids have to shoot during your absence), inexpensive practice ammo, big ammo capacity, or a favorite gun whose features are optimized in that caliber. I like the "outdated" Winchester Silvertip in 9mm and .40, which tends to err on the side of shallow penetration. I like the Hydrashok in .45.

I haven't shot any Springfield products, but it's a quality brand. Every owner I've talked to has raved about its ergonomics, etc. You may want to reconsider the size of the gun you referenced and choose something more compact. In the close quarters of a home defense situation, you may want to consider retention and portability, especially when choosing a lower-recoiling round.

Your seven-shot Smith sounds like a L frame, such as a 686. It has enough heft to tame recoil, but if you have chosen to load it with mags, you may want to choose carefully by weighing penetration, flash, and blast. My preference for a snub in close quarters would be a subsonic round.