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Inscription on Byzantine coin during reign of Romanus III

Friday, December 30, 2011

Snub Talent


John (Ad Orientem) said...

ooooh gun porn. Been a while since Ive seen some. One of my all time fav weapons was my Taurus model 85 .38 spl. It was stainless with fixed sights and stock walnut grips. Ran me about $200 new when I bought it at a VA gun show back when I was in the Navy. That thing was remarkably accurate for a snubby. I could put every round on a 1' x 1' target and it had no issue with higher octane +P rounds. When VA passed its must issue CC law that little piece became my version of the AMEX Card. I never left home without it.

That was one of the most reliable weapons I have ever owned. Coincidentally it was also the cheapest.

Visibilium said...

That's a good one. The Taurus has wide sights and a decent trigger. My fav is Ruger's SP101 2" in .357 mag with bobbed hammer and rendered DAO. The hot loads stay at the range, and the defense load is .38 +P 158 gr LHP. Good stopper, subsonic blast, and decent flash.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

My .357 mag was a S&W model 65 (K frame) stainless with a 4" barrel fixed sights and stock grips. That one usually stayed in my car except when I had to drive on base. It handled most of the hot rounds though I almost singed my eyebrows off the first time I ran Winchester 110 jhp .357 rounds through it. Although a very good and reliable revolver I had to be careful about cycling too many hot loads between cleanings.

I should also note that the S&W mod 65 is the only one of my weapons I ever actually had to lay hands on in a dicey situation. I had stopped at a rest area on a long weekend going north on old rt 13 somewhere in Delaware to get a drink and take a cat nap. When I got back to my car from the water fountain a car pulled up next to me and a young man of African descent got out and started walking circles around my car. He kept staring in at me and he had his hands in the front pocket of his hoodie sweat shirt. I reached under the passenger side seat and pulled out the .357 mag slowly and making sure he got a good look at it. Then I laid it on my lap, never pointing it at him, but kept my hand on it.

For some reason the young man's interest in me and my car dissipated almost instantly and he departed with great speed. I have no idea if my piece was legal in DE or not. I usually left it at home when traveling to NY because of the idiotic gun laws in my home state. But had forgotten on this trip. My memory loss seems to have been fortuitous.

I have to admit though, the whole incident was really unnerving and I wanted to report the matter to the cops. But not being sure of my weapon's status, I let it go.

Visibilium said...

A coincidence. I have a Taurus Mod 85 and a S&W Mod 65. My 65 was slicked up and rendered DAO by Rick Devoid in NH. I left the hammer spur intact. The K frame Smiths aren't made to take a steady diet of magnum rounds. If you're a collector, check out the Ruger K-frame-sized Security Six, Service Six, and Speed Six. They're no longer made, but they are ubiquitous in the used market. They are built for a steady magnum diet.

You would have been ok with your gun in DE. Believe it or not, Federal law permits you to transport through NY, NJ, MA, and other communist paradises as long as you obey the conditions (unloaded, locked case, yadda, yadda). That's not to say that the local yokels wouldn't run you in owing to their ignorance of Federal gun laws.