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Sunday, February 13, 2011

30% Of Russian Parents BelieveThat Foundations Of Orthodoxy Made Their Children Kinder

Moscow, February 11, Interfax - According to the poll held by the Russian Public Chamber, 30 percent of parents believe that after attending the course of Orthodox culture foundations their children became more tolerant and kind.

Only 1,8 percent of parents pointed out to certain difficulties in relations among children, author of the textbook on Orthodoxy, professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Protodeacon Andrey Kurayev cited the poll results in his interview published on Friday by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

'The best of the reached results is negative. It is with a negative particle: our country has NOT bogged down in complaints of offended children and parents,' Father Andrey told about results of the experiment.

According to him, 'concerns that children who go to various cabinets to learn different religious cultures will become hostile to each other, have not turned out to be true.'

'Besides, teachers of all schools-participants in the project jointly say they need more hours for the subject. It's interesting for children and for us,' he said.

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