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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Finally, A Smoking Gun

Some of you have heard my view about the OCA's financial scandal. My view, until now, has been simple:

(1) My effort to dig through the screeching commentary to find some kind of facts resulted in ambiguous evidence that didn't necessarily point to wrongdoing and

(2) Parishes that withhold money from their Bishops and Church on the basis of screeching commentary and innuendo are disloyal.

Finally, I've received the evidence for which I was looking. A friend sent me the OCA's report that was published briefly online. It's now located here.


Anonymous said...

This date and opening sentence appears at the report to which you link:

In an article post at 6:30 PM this evening - and then inexplicably taken down from the site....

So, has this report been available, and you've just discovered it, or what?

Visibilium said...

This report was briefly posted on the OCA website after its release, and it was taken down. When I perused the ocanews.org website a while ago in an effort to find a few facts, I didn't come across it. This link was sent to me; I didn't discover it on my own. I don't know how long it's been publicly available.

The next decision is whether withholding assessments is the proper way of dealing with this issue.

Andrea Elizabeth said...

When my OCA Priest addressed this issue from the pulpit he said, 'others fight about doctrine, the Orthodox fight about money and jurisdiction'. I thought that an important distinction.

Visibilium said...

Right on. Dogmatic mismanagement would be a greater sin.